Monday, May 2, 2011

What Bin Laden's death means for India

Today the U.S. government announced that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. I have not read the comments of political pundits and experts on this development, but my view is that this is a very unfortunate development for India. This is why:

Bin Laden’s death will increase the pressure on United States to withdraw from Af-Pak. Already; the U.S. was committed to withdraw in 2014, now that date may even be brought forward. The U.S. Presidential election is due in end - 2012 and a “successful” withdrawal from Afghanistan will help boost Obama’s low popularity rating. But the U.S. withdrawal from Pakistan, whenever it happens, would mean terrorist organizations such as the ISI, Lashkar – e- Toiba etc. will now have a free hand. They will rule Pakistan, and exercise control over its nuclear arsenal. In fact, I won’t be surprised if it is revealed one day that some ‘insider’ such as the ISI, the Pak Army or some other terrorist element actually betrayed Bin Laden and allowed him to be killed. It was the only way to get U.S. forces out of Pakistan and keep the Pak terror machine intact.

This is happening at a time when India has one of its weakest leaderships in recent times, with a puppet President and a puppet Prime Minister, remote controlled by a lady of mediocre intelligence and questionable leadership qualities, who owes her present status to the fact that she was married into the family of the then Prime Minister of the India.

Throughout their now 7-year old tenure, the Sonia – Manmohan combo have been decidedly pro-U.S. They now need to stop the U.S. from withdrawing from Pakistan until the entire terror infrastructure is destroyed. Otherwise, things will only get worse for India. Manmohan has done nothing positive in his second tenure. He now needs to do at least one good thing for India and its people. 

I am sure Chidambaram must be a worried man. I am.

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