Monday, January 9, 2012

The King and the Falcon

Once upon a time, there was a King who received two Falcons as gift from a visiting sage. The King kept the falcons in his garden and took good care of them. Every day, one of the Falcons would fly high up in the air, go to far off places and return to the garden in the evening. The other falcon however, stayed put in one place and rarely moved out of the branch of the tree where it lived. The King wondered what the reason for this was, the sage had told him both the falcons fly high and far. The King asked his courtiers and ministers, enquired with all the wise men from his kingdom why the other falcon did not fly, but no one would give him a convincing reply, or make the falcon fly. The King announced a reward for anyone who could make the falcon fly. Several people tried, but all of them failed. The King gave up hope.
Then one day, the King heard that the falcon had started flying. It now went as high as the other falcon, as far as the other and came back in the evening. Surprised, the King asked who had made the falcon fly, and was told an old wise farmer had done it. The King called him to his court and asked, “What did you do to make the falcon fly?” “Oh, It was simple”, said the farmer, “I just cut the branch of the tree where the falcon lived”.
Reminded me of a quote my friend Prabodh had told me – Everything you want in life is lying there, waiting to be picked, outside your comfort zone.

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