Saturday, November 10, 2012

God's own country!

Back from a refreshing trip of Kerala!

Calm and serene backwaters. Tender coconuts. Mouth-watering banana chips. The tempting aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Houseboats. Spices. Rare species of birds. Kadla curry with Appam or Puttu. Pothole-free roads. Disciplined traffic. Long winding village names, which only the Mallus can spell and pronounce! Freshly fried fish. Karl Marx & Che Guevara posters.  Clean white dhoti. Uttapa called as a Dosa, and Dosa simply as a plain ‘roast’! Served along with a Vada that you think is complimentary (till you get the bill, that is). A lake so large you think it is the seaMundum Neryathum, the unique two-piece sari. "Chinese" fishing nets, that actually use Portuguese technology, not Chinese! Beautiful roadside bungalows. Picturesque inland waterways. Ancient "dembles" (!) mostly dedicated to Shiva, holding some of the world’s largest treasure troves known to man. Thundering rains. A quite & peaceful life. Kerala is unique. Kerala has so much to offer.

And a lot more!

Photogenic tea gardens.  Majestic elephants. Ayurvedic massages. Kathakali. Honest autorickshaw-wallahs!  The list can go on…

Some snippets from my recent visit...

Navigating through the backwaters...

The houseboats and the stunning scenery is without doubt Kerala's biggest tourist attraction

The Mahadevar Temple at Kottayam has some stunning architecture on its walls

The unique "Chinese" fishing nets at Fort Kochi

The Bird sanctuary at Kumarakom offers some beautiful sightings 

A mini-Venice, locals around the Vembanad region move around in boats rather than the road

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