Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to tap a mobile phone

We have been hearing a lot about phone tapping these days. But ever wondered how to tap a mobile phone? You might be forgiven for thinking it’s a complicated technical operation, but it’s quite simple really.

When the security agencies want to tap someone’s phone, they simply get another SIM for the same number (as the target person's number) issued from the service provider and insert it into a phone. Now, every time the target phone rings, this phone will also ring and they can simply pick up the phone and listen. The phone should be kept on mute mode; else even the slightest sound will let the target know someone is listening. Or the phone can be connected to a computer to record the conversations and listened to later. Even the SMSes sent to the target number can be received this way. The security agencies and the mobile phone companies use this method all the time, officially or unofficially, to tap phones of suspects such as politicians, industrialists, criminals etc. (what’s the difference, by the way?)

If one has access to the target person’s (such as the spouse or teenage daughter) mobile, the task is even easier. A variety of phone tapping software are available easily on the net, such as this one. Many of these software require installation on the target person’s mobile phone, and then activation from another (your own) phone. You can then easily listen to what’s happening.

Note that tapping phones this way without the knowledge of the other person is not legal, of course. So remember that you are doing it on your own risk. But then, when you want to, a polite “may I tap your phone from tomorrow?” is unlikely to be of much help. 

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